Oregon throughout time

Most of the oldest maps available to general public (circa 15-16 century) refer to North America as New India, what we know as Oregon was part of an Anian Kingdom separated from the rest of Ania, province of Tartaria, by the straight. 

 According to numerous researchers from Western Europe and Russia global cataclysm of the 17th century modified the landscape of Northern Hemosphere beyond recognition.

Mega tsunami from the Arctic turned California into an island, Kingdom of Ania along with large part of Tartary (the global superpower that was practically deleted from the history books) were destroyed and swept away. Western Sea became a geographic feature to recon with.

American War for the Independence of 1775-83 coincided with the military take-over of Siberia in 1775 by Russian military. Tartary lost its lands in North America and Oregon became known as the New Albion.

During the first part of 19th century Oregon dried up and became an attractive destination to newcomers. Tartarian Empire along with it’s population disappeared from both sides of Pacific Ocean but not from the written history.